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Do you have mold growing in your basement? Are you sure? Knoxville received a lot of rain over the past few months, just what mold needs in order to grow. If you smell a musty odor when you walk into your basement, it is likely you have mold growing there.

Around October and November each year, gutters and downspouts can get clogged by falling leaves and other seasonal debris, preventing rainwater from being properly channeled away from your home. When this happens, the water soaks into the walls of your home and provides moisture for mold to grow.

By the time Spring rolls around, mold may be growing in your basement or crawlspace.

Often mold growth is behind the wall board and cannot be seen, although sometimes it is visible. If you suspect that you have mold growing in your basement or crawlspace, please give us a call.

Tennessee Mold Solutions specializes in mold removal from basements and crawlspaces. We are trained, certified and insured. Don’t wait until you have structural damage to deal with your mold problem. The longer you wait the more costly it can become. We will give you a FREE ESTIMATE, just give us a call.

We are located in Knoxville, TN and will travel to most areas in East Tennessee to assist you in your needs. Call today to schedule an appointment: 865.622.4040

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  • Mold Testing, Tennessee Mold Solutions, Knoxville, TN

Residential Mold Testing

I am guessing that you don’t think about residential mold testing very often. But you may need a residential mold test without even knowing it.

Does your home smell musty? Do you sneeze a lot after arriving home? Perhaps you have trouble breathing or maybe you have red, itchy eyes. Do you have frequent headaches? These […]

  • French Drain, Tennessee Mold Solutions, LLC

Home Drainage Systems

A basement or crawl space that will not dry out most likely needs a home drainage system. Many factors can contribute to a wet basement or crawl space, and discovering the source of the water intrusion is priority. If you don’t know where the water is coming from, you will not know how to eliminate […]

  • Air Duct Cleaning, Tennessee Mold Solutions, LLC, Knoxville, TN

Air Duct Cleaning

The purpose of the air ducts in your home is to move air through the heating and cooling system and recirculate it back into the rooms of your house. Over time, dust, dust-mites, mold, and other organisms can build up inside the air system and can cause health problems.

The National Air Duct Cleaners Association states […]

  • Knoxville Crawl Space Encapsulation, Tennessee Mold Solutions, LLC

Knoxville Crawl Space Encapsulation

Crawl space encapsulation: what is it and why do you need it? We are going to look at both of these questions, but first, let’s explore the crawl space.

In Knoxville, and East Tennessee, many homes, if not most, have a crawl space; that space between the living area of your home and the ground beneath. […]

  • Mold Remediation, Whatever it takes! Tennessee Mold Solutions, LLC

Knoxville Mold Removal | Knoxville Mold Remediation

In Knoxville, mold remediation is serious business, because mold is a serious problem in Knoxville.

When toxic black mold, or any other species of toxic mold, begins to take up residence in your home or place of business, it is time for you to get serious too.

Even though you can’t see them, mold spores are everywhere. […]

  • New Homes are More Susceptible to Mold than Older Homes, Tennessee Mold Solutions, LLC

Residential Mold Inspections

Tennessee Mold Solutions is a Knoxville based residential mold inspection and mold remediation/removal services company providing services for East Tennessee. We use the latest inspection techniques to locate and identify molds in and around your home or business.
What is a residential mold inspection?
Simply put, a residential mold inspection is when a professional, certified, mold inspector, […]

Mold Facts

  • Ten Common Places Mold Grows, Tennessee Mold Solutions, LLC

Ten Common Places Mold Grows

We have compiled a list of ten common places mold grows. Mold can grow just about anywhere there is oxygen, organic material and moisture. A few common places meet these criteria in a building, and mold can often be found growing there. Here are ten of them.

Crawl spaces are especially problematic. Conventional wisdom says if […]

  • What You Need to Know about Mold, Tennessee Mold Solutions, LLC

What Everyone Needs to Know about Mold

You probably know a thing or two about mold. Who hasn’t opened the refrigerator and discovered mold growing on an old block of cheese? Perhaps your experience was with a loaf of bread that couldn’t be eaten quickly enough. You know that mold is a nuisance in the kitchen. But did you know that mold […]

  • Glossary of Mold Terms, Tennessee Mold Solutions, LLC

Glossary of Mold Terminology

Visiting our website may be your first foray into learning about mold and how it affects your home, office, and health. In order to better serve you, Tennessee Mold Solutions wants to provide you with a glossary of mold terminology. We believe the more you understand about mold, the more likely you are to do […]

  • Health Problems Caused by Mold - Sneezing

Five Health Problems Caused by Mold

Black mold allowed to grow in a home or office environment can cause severe health problems for the inhabitants. Let’s take a look at five health problems caused by mold.

Single exposure or prolonged exposure to toxic black mold can produce allergic reactions including migraine headaches, sneezing, runny nose (often bleeding), red itchy eyes, and severe […]


  • Crawlspace Door

Vented or Closed: The Crawlspace Question Answered

(Video) Millions of homes throughout America have crawlspaces. On the positive side, this area below a home is a great place to hide HVAC ducts, plumbing, and electrical lines that run from one end of a house to the other.

On the negative side, a crawlspace can be a breeding ground for rodents, bugs, mold, and […]

  • Doctor Explaining Toxic Mold Syndrome to Patient

Toxic Black Mold Syndrome Explained (Video)

(VIDEO) There are many health issues related to toxic black mold. Dr. Elizabeth Vaughan discusses some of the ill effects black mold can have on a person’s health. Toxic Black Mold Syndrome is a little known, and even less understood, health issue throughout Tennessee and America.

Black mold, and other species of mold, can cause susceptible […]

  • Toxic Mold Found in New Home (Stock Photo)

Toxic Mold Found in New Home (Video)

(VIDEO) Toxic mold found in new home, but only after the owners became ill. Within two months of moving into their home, family members began to suffer migraine headaches, dizziness, nose bleeds, and asthma. Even though the home was newly constructed, according to the owners, improper building materials were used in the nearly $1 million […]

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  • Free Estimates for Mold Removal: Knoxville

FREE ESTIMATES for Mold Removal

How much does mold remediation cost?

When I visit a website looking for a product or service and every type of information in the world is listed but the prices, I get really put out. I don’t like it one bit.

So I apologize up front for what I am about to tell you: the only way […]