(VIDEO) Toxic mold found in new home, but only after the owners became ill. Within two months of moving into their home, family members began to suffer migraine headaches, dizziness, nose bleeds, and asthma. Even though the home was newly constructed, according to the owners, improper building materials were used in the nearly $1 million home.

The family won a $4.75 million award in a civil lawsuit after they claimed the contractor was negligent by using wet wood in the construction of their home. The wet wood was covered with insulation and wallboard and mold began to grow. The mold released spores into the air, resulting in the wife’s diagnosis of neurotoxicity after her body became poisoned by the airborne microscopic mold.

Homeowners may think that since their home is new construction, mold could not be an issue. However, mold grows on new homes just as easily as older ones. With the proper combination of organic material (wood in this case), oxygen and water, mold will grow and destroy.

If you have unexplained headaches, dizziness, asthma, runny nose, fatigue, rashes, or red, itchy eyes, consult your doctor. Then call a mold remediation specialist and have your home inspected for black mold and other species of mold. You may just find out your home is what has been making you sick.