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Gatlinburg Commercial Mold Remediation
Sevierville Commercial Mold Remediation
Chattanooga Commercial Mold Remediation
Pigeon Forge Commercial Mold Remediation
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Crawl Space Encapsulation Service Areas

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Vented or Closed: The Crawlspace Question Answered

(Video) Millions of homes throughout America have crawlspaces. On the positive side, this area below a home is a great place to hide HVAC ducts, plumbing, and electrical lines that run from one end of a house to the other.

On the negative side, a crawlspace can be a breeding ground for rodents, bugs, mold, and structural decay. Notice I said, “Can be.” Crawlspaces don’t have to be damp and nasty or breeding grounds for bugs […]


Toxic Black Mold Syndrome Explained (Video)

(VIDEO) There are many health issues related to toxic black mold. Dr. Elizabeth Vaughan discusses some of the ill effects black mold can have on a person’s health. Toxic Black Mold Syndrome is a little known, and even less understood, health issue throughout Tennessee and America.

Black mold, and other species of mold, can cause susceptible persons to experience migraine headaches, bloody noses, sneezing fits, rashes, diarrhea, chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, and more. Often, doctors are […]


Toxic Mold Found in New Home (Video)

(VIDEO) Toxic mold found in new home, but only after the owners became ill. Within two months of moving into their home, family members began to suffer migraine headaches, dizziness, nose bleeds, and asthma. Even though the home was newly constructed, according to the owners, improper building materials were used in the nearly $1 million home.

The family won a $4.75 million award in a civil lawsuit after they claimed the contractor was negligent by using […]